With Horacio Romo & Pablo Lanouguere
Playing with Horacio Romo and Pablo Lanouguere at the Astoria Tango Club with Típica Messiez
Lincoln Center in New York
Playing with "The Aces of Rhythm" at The Lincoln Center of New York for the Midsummer Swing Festival. July 2017. (Photo by John C. Molina).
With Leandro Raguza & Pablo Lanouguere
At La Nacional in New York City
With Raúl Jaurena
With Raúl Jaurena at the Philadelphia Tango School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Trinity Church in New York
Playing with Latin Grammy winner Raul Jaurena, the Inter school Orchestra of New York under the direction of Martín García, at The Trinity Church Wall Street in New York. November 2017.
With Horacio Romo
With Horacio Romo at the Philadelphia Tango School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Playing with Paquito D'Rivera
Playing with Paquito D'Rivera at his house with JP Jofre, Pedro Giraudo and Eric Silberger. June 2017.
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Playing at The MET with the JP Jofre's Hard Tango Band. March 2017. (Photo by Rodrigo Aranjuelo).
With Forever Tango
Tango Dueling Pianos
Live at the Philadelphia Tango School. Playing with Pablo Estigarribia
With Impact
Tango Dueling Pianos
Playing with Pablo Estigarribia live at the Philadelphia Tango School
With the full cast of Forever Tango
Maisonneuve Theatre in Canada
Playing at the Maisonneuve Theatre, Place des Arts in Montreal, Canada for the show "Te amo Tango" produced by Victor Hugo Uribe. Raul Jaurena (Musical Director), Emiliano Messiez (Piano), Carmen Piculeata (Violin), Roman Manolache (Bass) and Charles Papassoff (Sax). May,17th, 2017.
With Fernando Otero and Fede Díaz
Playing at Zinc Bar in New York
With Impact