Emiliano Messiez, an internationally acclaimed tango pianist.

January 04, 2019

Emiliano Messiez, an internationally acclaimed tango pianist who currently plays venues like Lincoln Center and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, has also toured the world playing on cruise ships for more than 10 years. Photo by John C. Molina

Cruise Ship Pianist

Emiliano Messiez studied music in Spain, Brazil and his home country of Argentina before becoming an internationally acclaimed tango pianist. Currently, Messiez plays in New York City at venues like Trinity Church, Lincoln Center and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but he has also toured the world playing the piano on cruise ships for more than 10 years.

“It is my way of expression and a wonderful way to connect with people,” Messiez says. “Audiences always change, and that is something that I really like — to see how people from different nationalities and backgrounds react to my music.”

A passionate night with Forever Tango

May 03, 2018

With the rhythmic notes of the bandoneon, the double bass, the cello, the piano and the violins, the dancers of the "Forever Tango" show wasted sensuality, passion and skill on the stage of the Teatro Presidente. Tonight, in this cultural venue of San Salvador, the first performance of this unparalleled show took place, which in a theatrical way brought out the nostalgia and the most sublime feelings.

Forever Tango presents a Broadway style show in El Salvador

May 04, 2018

"Forever Tango" is a show with more than 30 years of existence, which has been presented on Broadway and which has had overwhelming success in many countries around the world, including El Salvador.

Unlike other shows, "Forever Tango" is characterized by a very theatrical presentation, in which experienced dancers, singers and musicians take part. EDH photo / Lissette Monterrosa

Forever Tango and Concha Buika conquered the Bolivar Theater

May 13, 2018

Luis Bravo lo hizo de nuevo. Forever Tango repasó el género desde todas sus perspectivas: el cotejo de los prostibularios en la vieja Argentina, el desfogue visceral de sentimientos -los llantos y los odios-, una oda al amor y al abrazo, la conquista erótica y toques de comedia.

Forever Tango in El Salvador

April 12, 2018

Salvadorans will have the opportunity to enjoy a great tango show and at the same time contribute to improve the quality of life of people with brain disabilities.

"Forever tango" has been praised by critics and big media. The New York Times described it as "true gold" and the Times of London as a show that "must be seen." He has been part of the Broadway show three times.

Forever Tango and Concha Buika will perform in the Bolivar Theatre

May 11, 2018

Aníbal Troilo said it already: tango awaits you. Luis Bravo takes up the phrase, author of the famous bandoneonist of the 20th century, and places it as an act of truthfulness of the River Plate culture towards the world. While carefully observing the architecture of the Bolívar Theater, in the heart of the Historic Center, it unravels the 28 years of 'Forever Tango', a musical show that triumphed more than once in the Broadway stage, in the stages of China and in the territory Ecuadorian.

More than two can Tango in homage to a classic

May 25, 2017

Latin Grammy winner Raul Jaurena, on bandoneon; Sergio Reyes, on violin; Pablo Lanouguere, on double bass; and Emiliano Messiez, on piano, together play the well-known, velvety sound of the tango as Marga Mitchell and Mario Barreiro theatrically sing in Spanish and couples Carolina Jaurena and Andres Bravo and Maureen and Carlos Urrego showcase the movements 

Forever Tango, an evening full of passion and sensuality

May 04, 2018

The night was filled with sensuality and dexterity with the show of the company Forever Tango, which stoked nostalgia and delighted the audience at the Teatro Presidente this May 3

Crazy World - Diario Clarín

March 01, 2015

Emiliano Messiez, Musical Director and Pianist for Royal Caribbean International

Forever Tango embodies the passion of Argentine dance

April 25, 2018

Tango is not just the sound of bandoneon and romantic lyrics. The dancers are responsible for embodying a world of feelings and infecting the audience with them.

The show "Forever tango", which will be presented on May 3 and 4 in San Salvador, brings together great artists of this genre, with long careers that have taken them to important stages around the world.

Tango at sea

January 15, 2015

Emiliano Messiez, Argentine musician, musical director and pianist of the show "Tango Buenos Aires" that appears in the Royal Caribbean International cruises

Celeste Carballo

October 18, 2005

The singer-songwriter celeste carballo will preview some of the songs on her new cd "Cecerock", on Friday at the Broadway theater with Juan Moro on drums, Ignacio Gutierrez on bass, Santiago Garcia on guitar and Emiliano Messiez on piano.

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