We’ve seen and enjoyed Dueling Piano Shows everywhere - the fun concept of two pianists playing at the same time, showing all that they have, trying to beat each other with their skills, while in the meantime, generating the fantastic and unique sound of these two instruments playing together. What audiences have not seen yet anywhere is a Tango Dueling Piano Show, a show where two award- winning Tango pianists from Argentina (Pablo Estigarribia & Emiliano Messiez) play the most famous Tangos, Valses and Milongas in a dueling concept. With lots of energy, comedy, audience interaction, guest musicians and a Tango dance couple, this will be something that you have never seen before and that you will certainly never forget.

Length of the show

75 minutes

Artists on stage

2 piano players



1 tango dance couple

1 bandoneon player

1 cello player

Video projections