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Típica Messiez is a 10-piece Tango Orchestra comprised of renowned tango musicians. Under the musical direction of its founder and pianist, Emiliano Messiez, Típica Messiez plays both original and classic tango arrangements. 

‘Orquesta típica’ is a term for a band that plays popular music and has about 8 to 12 musicians. In Argentina & Uruguay, the term Orquesta Típica is ‘typically’ associated with Tango music and usually comprised of a violin section, a bandoneon section (the signature Tango instrument) and a rhythm section including a piano and a double bass.

"Bochinche" composed by Emiliano Messiez

Típica Messiez and special guests closing the Philadelphia Tango Festival 2022

"Quejas de Bandoneón" by Típica Messiez and special guests, closing the Philadelphia Tango Festival 2022

Video by Yael Szmulewicz & Fede Remeteria

Photo by Fede Rementeria

Photo by Fede Rementeria

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